Thank you for viewing our shelter photography. In October, 2011, we started taking pet portraits - using whatever resources were at hand - at the Orange County, Florida, Animal Services Pet Rescue and Adoption Center, located at 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL 32839-2162.

Available pets from Orange County can be viewed at and at the Facebook page maintained by the shelter, found at http:/​/​www.​facebook.​com/​orangecountyanimalservices.

In May, 2013 we began working with Osceola County Animal Services, located at 3910 Old Canoe Creek Road, St. Cloud, FL 34769. As they expand their public outreach to place more of their animals in good homes, for the time being their adoptable pets can be viewed here: http:/​/​www.​ Please help us help them by publicizing the excellent work their staff is doing to put the focus on live animal release.

Our volunteer photographers are of all skill levels, from professionals to enthusiasts to point-and-shooters, but all participants have a common desire and passion to pawsitively present shelter animals to the public as viable and desirable pets. As our collective experience grows our methods (hopefully) will attain a consistently higher quality and rate of success.

We hope you will share our pawsitive vision and our inspiration. Pass the word, adopt a pet, make a friend, save a life.

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Pawsitive Shelter Photography ("PSP") is a volunteer organization operating in the Orlando, Florida area. Our mission is to use photography to present shelter animals to the public as appropriate and deserving pets and companions. By maximizing adoptions and emphasizing the need for shelters to better market available pets, we hope to reduce abuse and neglect of domestic animals and lower rates of euthanasia.

Our long term goal is to create an economical photographic system and workflow that is easily transferable to rescue groups and shelters with scarce resources; one which can be used by persons of all skill levels to present their charges in the best possible light.

We use a combination of photographic best practices, speed and hard work to show the compelling personalities of
available animals. We endeavor to provide our work product to the shelter at the earliest possible moment so as to give each animal the longest possible time before the adopting public.

Donations of ideas,
manpower, money, equipment and supplies are welcome and all donations will be used solely to save shelter animals.

To learn more about us, see this video, produced by the Orlando Sentinel in July, 2012. http:/​/​www.​orlandosentinel.​com/​multimedia/​os-​video-​animal-​shelter-​photographers-​20120726,​0,​5049819.​story

On December 9, 2013 Orlando television station WKMG featured PSP and its social media outreach efforts in its "Making a Difference" segment, which can be viewed here: http:/​/​www.​clickorlando.​com/​social-​media-​helping-​to-​save-​pets/​-​/​1637238/​23408894/​-​/​s6cjyez/​-​/​index.​html

Thank you.

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Guestbook for PAWSITIVE SHELTER PHOTOGRAPHY -- Saving Good Pets Through Better Photography
11.Heather Carr(non-registered)
Great site, great job! I would also be interested in a training seminar!
10.Lazaro Marino(non-registered)
God bless you guys, what you do is so incredibly beautiful, turning shelter dogs into stunning portraits of adoptable dogs that tug at anybody's heart.
9.Debbie Elert(non-registered)
I live in Tallahasse and am very interested in learning how to duplicate the success your group has had. Please let me know if you schedule a training seminar so I can attend -- or, have you thought about doing a webinar? It might be a good fundraiser. Your group produces awesome pictures! I believe you'd have a lot of people who would be interested in classes of some kind.

We just had someone offer to buy us a Photoshop program and I'm thrilled! In the Orlando Sentinel video, it looks like you use a white backdrop made out of something hard. Can you please tell me what that is and how it was made? Would it be possible to observe/help on a Sunday sometime?

Thank you!
Hi! I send You like for everyone with photos our homeless dogs! Regards from Poland!
Your story caught my attention. I've signed on to help photograph in Seminole County. I adopted my kitty two years ago from the Seminole shelter. I'd like to return the love by taking photos --- in hopes of helping another family find their new "best friend."