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Amin Razvi(non-registered)
Love the photographs, all are so cool.
Beautiful work!! Am excited to see your work to help dogs!
Amin Razvi(non-registered)
Hi! I send You like for everyone with photos our homeless dogs! Regards from India!
harga tas wanita(non-registered)
Your blog is really nice and unique.I like it so much. Looking forward to going over your web page again. Thanks for sharing.
Well, I loved the concept you people have adopted in order to help the street dogs and thereby creating an opportunity for them to have a proper shelter. I would love to adopt this method here in my state too.
Heather Carr(non-registered)
Great site, great job! I would also be interested in a training seminar!
Lazaro Marino(non-registered)
God bless you guys, what you do is so incredibly beautiful, turning shelter dogs into stunning portraits of adoptable dogs that tug at anybody's heart.
Debbie Elert(non-registered)
I live in Tallahasse and am very interested in learning how to duplicate the success your group has had. Please let me know if you schedule a training seminar so I can attend -- or, have you thought about doing a webinar? It might be a good fundraiser. Your group produces awesome pictures! I believe you'd have a lot of people who would be interested in classes of some kind.

We just had someone offer to buy us a Photoshop program and I'm thrilled! In the Orlando Sentinel video, it looks like you use a white backdrop made out of something hard. Can you please tell me what that is and how it was made? Would it be possible to observe/help on a Sunday sometime?

Thank you!
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